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product name: Vermiculite


The exfoliated vermiculite has a different colour according to the difference in fe2o3 content. We classify the vermiculite into two types, silver-white and golden-yellow.

Type (I) , fe2o3 content 5-13%

Exfoliated vermiculite colour gray-silver-white, similar in colour to South African material.

Type (II) , fe2o3 content 16-22%

Exfoliated colour golden-yellow, similar in colour to Australia and India etc.

Volume coefficient rate: 4. 5-10 times:

Impurity content: 8% max.

Adhere moisture: 5% max.

The golden-yellow vermiculite has a high reputation in Japan and South Korea, used in agriculture and horticulture, for it is stable quality and very competitive price, while the silver-white vermiculite is popular for use in the construction industry



A,Raw/Crude vermiculite,

0-0.3mm,0.3-1mm,1-2mm,2-4mm,3-5mm,4-8mm etc.

TG2,TG3,TG4,TG5,TG5,large,medium,fine,superfine,micron etc.

B,,Expanded vermiculite,

0-0.3mm,0.3-1mm,1-2mm,2-4mm,3-5mm,4-8mm etc. 


3). Packing,

1,Raw/Crude Vermiculite,

In 1 ton big bag for shipment or as your request.

2,Expanded/Exfoliated Vermiculite,

In 15kg/100liters pp bags or as your request for shipment.


4). Loading Quantity,

For raw vermiculite,we can load 20-22MTs per 20'container;

For expanded perlite,we can load 70-75M3 per 40'HQ,and 30M3 in one 20'container.


5). Application,

1.Agriculture:Animal feed,Anti-caking material,Bulking agent,Pestcide,Seed encapsulant,Soil conditioner,etc

2.Construction:Acousticfinishes,Airsetting binder,Board,Fire protection(internal/external),Floor&roof screeds(lightweight,Insulanting concrete),Gypsum plaster,Loft insulation,Sound deadening compounds,etc.

3.Horticulture:Blocking mixes,Hydroponics,Micro-propagation,Potting mices,Rooting cuttings,Seed germination,Seedling wedgemix,sowing composts,Twin scaling bulbs,etc.

4.Industry:Absorbent packing,Brake pads&Brake shoes,Castables,Dispersions,Drilling muds,Filtration,Fireproof safes,Fixation of hazardous material,Furnaces,Insulation blocks&shapes,Insulation-high&low temperature,Molten metal insulation,Moulded products,Nuclear waste disposal,Paints,Perfume absorbent,Sealants,etc


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