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Human resource

Globally, DFL Minmet Refractories employs people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds
possessing significant competencies and skills.

Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best talent available, whose loyalty
to employer, enthusiasm to profession, aggressiveness to challenge, and amiability to
neighbors add value to the organization.

As a organization featuring dense human solicitude, we love to provide its staff with
multiple opportunity, full support, and the most extensive possible stage to play one’s
role and enjoy self-achievement, for we trust the optimal match of individuals and
enterprise is same concern, mutual growth and success.


Position Description
- Position Title:      Sale Representative
- Job Location:
      Shijiazhuang, China
- Term of Contract :
   Three years min.
- Required Skills:
      strong sense of customer focus
      effective customer relationship set-up
      free communication by all medium
      efficient problem solving and negotiation
      impressive oral & literal expression
      bilingual and computer literate


To apply for an advertised position or to register your interest in employment with
DFL Resource headquarter or subsidiary plant for any potential position, you’re
sincerely requested to submit your curriculum vitae first via e-mail or mail.


 Evaluation of curriculum vitae
Any talent is welcomed to submit your curriculum vitae to us via e-mail or mail.
Content must contain name, sex, age, education & working background, personality,
specialty, and way of contact.

 Arrangement of interview
Upon our interest, candidate will be contacted for behavior-based interview. Related
certificate in original will be required to be taken for verification.

 Individual aptitude test
Simulation and exercise test will be arranged in the office for us to obtain a fair
and objective assessment of your sills and abilities related to position.

 Decision making
Based upon all we learned about you, final decision will be made and reach you at
proper time.

 Contract signature
Once decision is made, you’ll be requested to sign a contract with us. Minimum term
shall be three years.

Before independently developing your post, at least two-month internship is requested,
which might be extended if evaluation on internee’s actual performance is regarded

After passing all above process, you are now an official employee of DFL Family.
Welcome your participation!

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