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Perlite is of rheolithio structure and volcanic orogin,amorphous, and is characterised as an acid volcanic glass that contains water occluded in its internal structure.

Chemical Comoposition:

  SiO2         72%           TiO2      0.09%              Al2O3       12.31%

Fe2O3      0.54%        FeO       0.80%              MnO          0.06%

 MgO         0.14%        CaO       1.00%              K2O          4.67%

Na2O        3.29%       P2O5      0.04%              L.O.I.        4.94%

Size: raw perlite  8-70 mesh as request.

          Exfoliated perlite   0 – 4mm as request.

          Exfoliated perlite board      as request

Packing: 100L bags, 50kg bags or 1 MT big bags for shipment as request.

Since perlite has low density and is relatively economical, it is used commercially in following ways:

  • Construction and manufacturing fields.
  • Lightweight plasters and mortars, insulation, ceiling tiles and filter aids.
  • In horticulture, it makes composts more open to air, while having still a good water-retention properties.
  • It makes a good medium for hydroponics.
  • It is also used in foundries and cryogenic insulations.

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