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product name: rubber plastic foamed thermal insulation

PVC/NBR rubber plastic foamed thermal insulation material  

D-FB rubber plastic foamed thermal insulation material are produced by the cutting-edge technology introduced from aboard and the automatic production line, with nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride in excellent performances as the main materials and via apecial processes of banburying,  sulfuration, foaming, etc. Its main characteristics are as follows:

With closed foam structure and low density, the products are in low thermal conductivity, water vapor permeability and water absorption and good flexibility, and they are easy to be used in construction. The products allow a wide temperature range for application from 40 to 105,with good age resistance, and the fire resistance performance is up to the national standard level B1.

The product come in well integrity and elegant appearance, and are environmentally-friendly thanks to the compliance of the national environment protection requirements from production to installation. With the above characteristics, the products are widely applied to various kinds of vapor pipelines in refrigerator rooms for central air-conditioning, buildings, ships, vehicles, etc. to realize heat insulation, and the product performance turns out to be very favorable.

The products are of good pliability and flexibility, thus can be used to produce handle covers and other covers for fitness equipment, medical equipment and household products.

Low conductivity factor


D-FB rubber plastic has low thermal conductivity factor, which can be 0.034w/mk when the average temperature is 0, and high surface heat emission coefficient that is up to 9.5w/M2K, therefore, in the same ambient conditions, the application thickness is reduced by more than a half compared with other thermal insulating materials, which saves the apace above the suspended ceilings and increases the available apace of every floor.


Extremely low water/damp penetration rate


D-FB rubber plastic has a closed foam structure and smooth surface, so water vapor in the air can hardly penetrate the material. For this reason, no vapor insulating layer is needed, ensuring the best heat conduction effect. With a moisture resistance factor more than 4.5x1000, the products act as both a thermal insulating and a dampproof layer.


Good flame retardant performance and excellent aging resistance


The product has excellent fire-resistance performance, and is verified to be fire retardant material at GB/8624 level B1 according to GB/8624-1997 classification on burning behavior for building materials. D-FB rubber plastic contains plenty of fire-resistance and smoke-reducing materials. When the material is burning, it will produce an extremely low density of smoke, and will not melt or drop any fire ball and can quench by itself.

Various kinds of effective age resisting agents are added in D-FB rubber plastic during production, ensuring long service life of the product.




The production process of D-FB rubber plastic generates no exhaust gas, waste water, scrap, smoke, fire or other pollutants, and completely satisfies the requirements of ISO14000 international environment protection certification. The product contains no chlorine or fiber and has good chemical stability, so it is safe free from releasing harmful substances during installation and usage.


Easy and quick installation


D-FB rubber plastic is flexible and easy to be installed. In the installation of pipelines, according to the actual need of schedule, you may choose to enclose the pipes in the rubber plastic covers, or cut the covers first and stick them together after wrapping the pipes with special adhesive before installing the pipelines. For valves, elbows, tee-junctions, etc. that are in complex shapes, you may first cut the sheet material and pipe covers according to actual demand, choose the right types of materials for the different shapes to wrap, and then glue the materials. In this way, the air impermeability of the whole system is guaranteed while the appearance is good-looking.





Technical performances of D-FB rubber plastic sponge


inspection method





average temperature

GB/T 10294-88

-20 0 +37 ℃时

conductivity factor

0.032 0.034 0.040 W/mk


BS EN ISO9346:1996 BS 4370 Part2 1973 DIN 52615



4.0x10-14kg/(      0.14μgm/Nh

water abxorption ratio in vacuum

GB/T 17794-1999




难燃B1级(flame retardant class B1)

oxygen index

GB/T 2406


vertically burning

GB/T 8333

30s 250mm


GB/T 8627



GB/T 6343-95


crack resistance

GB/T 10808-89


compression resilience ratio

GB/T 6669-86


dimension stability

GB 8811-88


aging resistance

GB-T 56259-1996

slightly crumpling,no cracks,no pin holes,not deforming.



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